“Cori is one of the most helpful and mindful teachers that I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  In our private Alexander lessons, Cori has provided both immediate relief for injury where other approaches have fallen short, and knowledge to build an ongoing awareness and progress as we work through longer-term issues. Her Alexander practice is informative, gentle, kind, focused, and hugely effective–I leave each session feeling both relief and empowerment. Similarly, in her work as a guest teacher with the AOMC, Cori’s sharp focus and kind encouragement provides my dancers with specific tool sets, somatic experiences, and ways of thinking that help them hone their performance. We are always excited to hear Cori’s input as it tends to cut to the core of our investigation with incredible clarity, and we often reference her observations and strategies as a touchstone as the work grows. In both her private practice and teaching, Cori offers a generosity and specificity that is quite exceptional!”

Sarah Rosner, Artist and founder of A.O. Movement Collective

“Like many artists, athletes or movers in general I have dealt with a certain amount of body pain. I take care of what I can with stretching and leave the rest to random excuses such as: ” Oh, I just have a bad back.”  Those excuses would soon disappear with my introduction to Alexander Technique with Cori Olinghouse.  After starting my private practice with her, I realized a few things that would ultimately lead me away from other body techniques and teachers. Cori was working with me not only to heal, but to comprehend and educate. After many months of working together I realized she was supplying me with exercises and information that would ultimately allow a strong, grounded and open body to be found on my own.  Being an active mover I struggle to maintain healthy and injury free. Since working with Cori I have accomplished that.  I have found new success in my career and my work with Cori is a direct impact of that.  I recommend the study of Alexander to anyone, it’s a great adventure, and so do yourself a favor and make sure you start that journey with Cori Olinghouse.”

– Nick Strafaccia, dancer with the Trisha Brown Dance Company

“The (Trisha Brown) dancers look like children playing…both alert and relaxed, gorgeously liberated and full of vivid, shimmying impulses, playful and responsive.  In a solo, Nicholas Strafaccia (also marvelous in “Newark”) is superlative: the freest of the free.” – Alastair Macaulay, New York Times

“As a woman in her mid to late 70’s who worked with Cori Olinghouse during her residency at The Ohio Sate University, I look forward to a time when I can again benefit from her exceptional presence and knowledge.  Cori has a remarkable way of integrating her life experiences as a professional dancer, choreographer, and movement analyst with her teaching of Alexander Technique.  After working with her I felt more integrated, energized and physically/mentally present.”

– Vera J. Blaine, Professor/Chairperson EmeritaThe Ohio State University, The Department of Dance

“Under Cori’s gentle and intuitive guidance, I began to learn how to use the innate structure of my body (mother nature’s brilliant engineering) to support my everyday movements.  It made an immediate difference for me, and even better, made me feel that there were positive and productive steps I could take to help myself be pain-free, even just while standing, walking or sitting at work.  When I got pregnant and my body began to change, Cori adapted with me and helped me to manage my changing center of gravity and my relaxing ligaments.  I had practically zero back pain through my pregnancy, and I owe it all to Cori’s help and guidance.

– Kelly Hanson – New York-based set designer, art director, and director/creator of new performance works

“Cori’s teaching allows us as dancers to integrate principles from the Alexander Technique such as drawing energy from the ground, finding your spring, experiencing your head-tail connection, and moving forward and up, into our dancing practice.  In studying with Cori I had the opportunity to bring these complex principles into Trisha Brown’s Repertory, thereby finding more ease and connection in difficult and potentially effort-full movements.   I found Cori’s teaching to be very helpful in turning our attention to our energy and alignment.  These subtle awarenesses are a springboard for dancing that is beautiful and full while also being healthy for the dancing body.”

– Laurel Tentindo, dancer with the Trisha Brown Dance Company

“I worked with Cori Olinghouse over a period nearly a year. As a 68 year old male, I have my share of physical issues. Using the discipline of Alexander Technique, Cori helped me to better understand how to reduce stiffness while gaining flexibility and comfort.  She helped me learn for my own use under her supervision a variety of exercises as well as improved my posture and gait. What made this work especially pleasant and helpful is that she was sensitive to my condition each time we met, seeking to understand and to adjust her strategies in response to my feelings at each session. While initially I connected with her through someone who is close to both of us, I benefited a great more than I expected.”

– Peter Kleinbard, consultant on schools, programs and policies affecting adolescents and young adults

“Cori tailored and shifted my practice to build a plan that would address my needs as a performer with many jobs, both in dance and as an administrator.  Every session is different and I am always impressed by her ability to see where I am and then suggest what we can work on that day. As a performer, my work is based in movement so it is important to me that my practice is complimentary to this principle and can take whatever shape it needs too. Cori makes this happen and is always incredibly vigilant and observant.  Cori not only listens, but she also shares with me her own experiences and what she has learned from them. This helps me contextualize and orient my personal experience outside of myself. Both my practice as professional performer and my practice as someone who simply loves to move have benefited from my work with Cori and her constant dedication to help me see the relationship between creativity and physicality. But more than that, my work with Cori is an investment in my body and I see her guidance as critical, invaluable, and integral to living in a way that inextricably unites creativity and health.”

– Brighid Greene, Dancer and administrator