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New York Times
Sit Up Straight. Your Back Thanks You.
New York Times
The Alexander Technique for Back Pain?
Oprah Magazine
A Dramatic Cure for Back Pain
BBC News
Back Pain Eased by Good Posture
Alexander Technique:  A Balm for Back Pain?
ABC News
Simple, no-drug way to ease back pain
Financial Times
Why Alexander truly is great
The Telegraph
Alexander posture technique ‘most effective at reducing back pain’
The Daily Mail
An old cure for a modern malaise:  Alexander Technique beat chronic back pain
The Guardian
Alexander Technique ‘does ease back pain’
The Alexander Technique – 40 Minutes with a coach
London Evening Standard
Feel Good Factor: Alexander Technique
Marie Claire
Victoria Beckham fights poor posture with the Alexander Technique
Daily Mail
How to walk tall and be pain free like former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan


British Medical Journal
Research BMJ conducted on Alexander Technique and low back pain
National Institute of Health, Human Movement Science
Low back pain subjects show decreased axial stiffness with Alexander Technique
NOBEL PRIZE – Winner’s Speech, Nikolaas Tinbergen
Medical implications/research into the Alexander Technique (see pg. 122-128)


American Society for the Alexander Technique (AMSAT)
Excellent resource to find more information on Alexander Technique + profile link (below)
Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
The thorough, near-encyclopedic look into all aspects of the Alexander Technique
Direction Journal
For 23 years, Direction Journal has been the only independent industry journal for the Alexander Technique community worldwide.  


The Use of the Self, F.M. Alexander
Body Learning, Michael Gelb
Back Trouble- A New Approach to Prevention and Recovery based on the Alexander Technique, Deborah Caplan, P.T
Body Space Image: Notes Toward Improvisation and Performance, Miranda Tufnell and Chris Crickmay
The Thinking Body, Mabel Elsworth Todd
How Life Moves:  Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness, Caryn McHose and Kevin Frank

CORI OLINGHOUSE performance & choreography
Video excerpts: