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Trisha Brown Residency at the Eugene Lang College

Winter-Spring 2012

“Can you make a single, uninterrupted line drawing of Trisha Brown’s Set and Reset phrase?” 

This past semester, I worked in collaboration with TBDC Choreographic Assistant and former dancer Carolyn Lucas, former TBDC dancer Laurel Tentindo, and students from the Eugene Lang College in a Trisha Brown Residency at the Eugene Lang College.


Our process was to conjure some of Brown’s impulses and strategies from over the years as a resource for the students to develop their own creative practices. We asked students to notate their creative process by keeping visual notebooks. In playing with multiple ways of mapping and reflecting upon the material learned in class, students were able to bridge their own understandings of some of the living ideas in Brown’s choreography.


Brown’s practice of drawing, notating, sketching, and writing have always been present in the development of her ideas and imagination of her mind in movement. In place of codifying a dance technique, Brown has employed drawing as a visual mapping of her own idiosyncratic sense of movement. In using a visual seeing rather than a set physical technique, Trisha creates visual scores that allow the original impulses of the movement to remain alive and dynamic.


Here are some of the student drawings and notations from this past semester.   


I will be teaching this process this July as part of the Trisha Brown Summer Intensive.  Please visit this link for further information!


Photo by Stefanie Li

– Cori Olinghouse