On April 22, 2012 I led an Alexander Technique workshop for Cadence Dubus, owner of Brooklyn Strength in Brooklyn Heights to work with her Pilates and Personal Training instructors.

We looked at ways of complimenting the Pilates idea of “CORE” with a directional, non-muscular approach.  Rather than engaging the muscles of the abdomen directly, we looked to find directional support through the limbs.  We experimented with moving all 6 limbs (head, tail, arms, and legs) distally away from the center to find a eco-poise and expansion throughout the body.  This support was generated from the periphery as a new way to enliven the core.

Taking this efficient and easeful approach into their teaching, we looked at ways of putting hands on clients during hamstring stretches, Pilates mat and table work.   Cadence’s movement practitioners found a new way to open their own bodies during hands-on thereby giving their partners more effective experiences. We examined how to use the feet, legs, back and head in an oppositional relationship to gravity – decreasing the tendency to compress or collapse into their clients.  This anti-gravity support gave them energy and buoyancy.

Please stay tuned with further hands-on workshops for movement practitioners.  Visit Brooklyn Strength for further information about Pilates, Thai massage, and Personal Training. – Cori Olinghouse